Online classes

The format of the classes will be a combination of instructional videos and live classes. You will receive an instructional video a few days before the live class so you can learn the material and practice it a bit. That way, when we meet in the live class we can dance it together and focus on your doubts and questions. This way we hope that we can focus on giving you valuable feedback. 

Our online classes for the Winter 2021 will start on Tuesday the 12th of January. They will be divided into two sessions, and the whole calendar looks as follows: 

- FIRST SESSION: January, 12-19-26 || February, 2-9 

- SECOND SESSION: February, 23|| March, 2-9-16-23

Each session contains 5 classes, and you can register for one session only, or directly for the 10 classes of the fall (with a 10 euros discount - and the peace of mind of knowing that your spot is secured until the end of the fall! Yey! ). 



(CET, Barcelona time)


Tuesday, 13h00, Int/Adv - Adv.
Tuesday, 20h00, Int/Adv-Adv.


Tuesday, 21h00, Int/Adv-Adv. 


(pack of 5/10 classes)

- For two people, 75/140 euros

- For one person, 48/80 euros
- For two people, 75/140 euros

If you register for more than one class, we give you a 5% discount. So, say you register for 10 classes of Lindy Hop (for 2 people) and 10 classes of Solo Jazz (for 1 person): the overall registration fee will be 209 euros instead of 220 euros.